Super Bowl Supplies


Hey everybody it’s almost that time of year for the big NFL throw down as the 2015 Super bowl puts the New England Patriots head to head with the Seattle Seahawks.  Don’t worry about being Blind Sided when it comes to finding your team colors; we at face have you covered with enough supplies to paint all of your party guests head to toe in team spirit!

This year both teams have common colors of Blue and Silver, with the additional Sea Green for the Seattle and Red for New England fans. Simply follow this link and you can actually see what our paints look like on the skin. The shop by color page will help you find just the right shade to suit your team design.  You can really stand out from the crowd by adding in metallic or neon paints to your designs. If you feel the need for a full body paint you may consider liquid makeup to make the coverage quick and easy, but don’t forget the setting powder because “your colors don’t run!”



Our designs used Kryolan Aqucolor traditional for the Patriots and Diamond FX White, Blue and Green Metallic for the Seahawks. Kryolan black was used under eye for both designs. The star for the patriot design was made easy with a face paint stencil.


Split Cakes: Split cakes consist of multiple colors in one container to help make designing easy. The Patriot and the Captain Obvious could work perfectly for New England and Seattle fans.


Perhaps you still need a little extra to show you are the best super fan ever, try adding some color glitter to the mix, you never know it might just get you on the jumbo tron.

We also carry the necessary supplies, brushes, sponges and other applicators to make the makeup process a breeze. One of the greatest things is using your imagination to create a design reflecting your personality as a fan.

Don’t get left on the side lines, get your face paint supplies in time to be the MVP of your Super Bowl party.