Fast and Fun Split Cake Animal Designs by Kristin Olsson

These fast and fun split cake animal designs are super fast and easy to make, which make them perfect for long lines and/or beginner face painters!

How often have you had a child in your chair asking for an animal thinking to yourself "heeelp" what does that look like again?! I am sure most of you know how to paint a butterfly with the butterfly sponge. Split cakes and a butterfly sponge can also be used to paint lots of other designs, so in this tutorial I have prepared 8 simple, easy to follow, step by step animal designs for you.

The designs I have created for you here are all very easy to follow and can be done with almost any split cake you have! Remember that the animals don´t have to be perfect - just experiment, use your creativity and have fun with them! If you pay attention, you will also see that I have used the split cake lengthwise instead of the "normal" way on a couple of the designs as well. This can also help you add depth an dimension to your design. Hope you enjoy - I look forward to seeing your versions of this!

Split Cake Animal Designs Design Tutorials

#1. Bear Design: Bright Split Cake

 Paint this adorable teddy bears in just a few easy steps! Make a heart shaped design by loading up a sponge with a split cake of your choosing. Next, add the bear's feet, tail, and ears. Use black face paint to outline the bear, and fainlly, add some white face paint for highlights.

 #2. Pink Bird: Juicy Fruit Split Cake

 To create this bird face paint design, use a sponge and a split cake of your choice. Follow along in the steps above, and finally, use a black face paint a brush to outline your bird. Add its beak, eyes, and eyelashes, and use white face paint to create highlights.

#3. Bee Design: Tiger Split Cake, or Kenya Split Cake

 Create this fun bee design in a pinch! Use a split cake of your choosing and a sponge to create the bee's body. Use white paint for the wings, and black paint to create the outline, antlers, arms, and stripes. Finally, add white paint to create highlights.

#4. Bunny Design: Paisley Split Cake

 Make an adorable bunny face paint design by connecting two tear drop sponge shapes. Add the ears, arms, and legs. Create a fluffy tail using white face paint, and black face paint to make the eyes, nose, mouth, and outline. Add white to create highlights. 

#5. Tropical Bird: Sunset Split Cake

 This bird face paint design is super easy to do! Simply use a split cake of your choice and tamp down using your teardrop sponge. Give the bird some wings and a crest using the darkest color in the palette. Use black paint to outline to design and add in white to create highlights.

#6. Dog: Mermaid Pixie Split Cake

 This dog face paint design is as cute as it is easy! Use your favorite split cake and a teardrop sponge to create the dog's body. Add in the tail, ears, and legs and use black paint to outline the dog. Give the dog its eyes, nose, and mouth, and finish off with white paint to for the highlights.

#7. Kitty Cat Design: Pearl Dream Split Cake

Using a split cake of your choice and a teardrop shaped ponge, create a heart-like, lob-sided shape. Paint the tail, feet, and ears of the cat. Outline with black paint, and add in the eyes, nose, and mouth. Finally, use white face paint to create highlighting.  

#8. Fish Design: Tiger Split Cake, or Kenya Split Cake

This is a fun and easy fish design that anyone can do! Simply load your teardrop sponge with a split cake of your choice and press it onto the side. Use the darkest color in the split cake to add the tail and fins of the fish. Outline your fish design using black face paint and finish off with white face paint to highlight.

Products Used:

Diamond FX Black
Diamond FX White
Butterfly Sponge
Silly Farm Paint Pal Little Drop Filbert Brush
Blazin Brush Ultra Point #4
Blazin Brush Round #3

Bear Design: Bright Split Cake

Pink Bird: Juicy Fruit Split Cake

Bee Design: Tiger Split Cake, or Kenya Split Cake

Bunny Design: Paisley Split Cake

Tropical Bird: Sunset Split Cake

Dog: Antarctica Split Cake or Frozen Split Cake

Kitty Cat Design: Pearl Dream Split Cake

Fish Design: Tiger Split Cake, or Kenya Split Cake

Kristin Olsson has her background from the art and design world and has been working as a professional face painter since 2016.

She is an instructor at Olga Murasev's International Face Painting School, has won numerous face painting competitions and has been published in various face and body painting magazines.

You can see more of her work here: