Specialty SuperMan Tutorial

I was recently asked to be a part of a very special event for a very special little boy, Wyatt was born with a serious heart defect and now is in need a new heart. I’m going to be helping him in his efforts for funds for all he has been through since he’s been born. So i’m going to share with you this special facepaint design i’m going to have when i’m at the event on Saturday, I also have one that looks similar to this only with a “W”.

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Super Man Design



* make sure your person is free of sweat and oils on face/arm

* have the necessary tools at your ready

*Have fun!

Tools and Paint Used:

Tag Pearl Red

DFX Yellow, Black, and Blue

#5 Round Brush


Spray Bottle and Water

Stencil (stencil was made by me)


#1 : Wet your Sponge with a spray bottle with a mist as well as your Pearl Red Tag, Then lightly apply it almost like your making a headband on your forehead and a little down the nose as shown.


#2 Then you apply the Stencil, Make sure it’s backwards when you look at it or else your going to have a 2 instead of a S. <- this is only doing it on yourself. ( I have made this specific stencil as no one carries this kind of stencil, believe me i’ve checked lol)


#3 Gently Dab the Stencil with a Sponge or Dauber, Make sure the sponge is not to wet with the yellow or it will bleed through.


#4 Now Outline the stencil markings and add some small tear drops to block out the empty spaces.


#5 Add some details and you are done! I have posted a Boy and Girl version too.


I do realize this wont be as easy as some of the other simple designs i’ve done but it’s nice to get out of the easy stuff and try to challenge yourself! The stencil was made with Some Insertable Plastic Dividers by avery from Walmart. I drew the design ( about a hundred times before I got it right) and then Cut it out with an exacto knife. It’s hard to do, but it works well. I cut out approximately 5-6 and my fingers were raw before I was satisfied with my stencil. If you do decide that you want to make a custom stencil please be aware that the exacto knifes are extremely sharp and dangerous and I would practice very carefully.

as always keep practicing!