Sneakadoodle Monster goes pink for spring

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Although the girl version of the Sneakadoodle Monster would never turn down some sparkly jewels and bling, after the long winter months, she’s on the lookout for some beautiful spring flowers. Follow the tutorial below to make your own lovely little monster.


#5 round brush
#2 round brush
#1 round brush
Paradise light pink face paint
Paradise dark pink face paint
Paradise light purple face paint
Paradise dark purple face paint
TAG orange face paint
Paradise Amazon green face paint
Diamond FX white face paint
Diamond FX black face paint
BAM1004 reptile stencil
A sponge


1. Use your #5 round brush to make an upside down U-shape coming down out of the hairline on one side of the forehead with Paradise light pink face paint. Use Diamond FX white to make two eye shapes near the bottom of the U, and then color in the rest with light pink. Make a wavy tale which hangs down next to the monster shape over the temple.


2. On the opposite side of the face, sponge a light pink area on the cheekbone. Load your sponge with dark pink. Place the reptile stencil over the light pink area and pat it with the sponge to create an interesting addition of texture. (Make sure your sponge isn’t too damp or the dark pink will bleed underneath the edge of the stencil.)


3. By loading your #5 round brush first with white and then dipping the tip in dark purple, you’re ready to make flower petals by starting on the tip and pushing away from the flower’s center. Add some leaves to the edges and white dots to the centers to finish them.


4. One of your finals steps is to use the #1 round brush to carefully outline your pink monster. Try to get your Diamond FX black to a nice thin consistency for this and stay on the tip of your brush to keep an even width to your line.


5. Add teeth and white dots to your pink monster, in addition to some white highlights where appropriate for your design. On the side with the flowers, I also used the white to add some sparkles and swirls. An extra option is to give your flowers more definition with the dark purple outlines. I used my #2 round brush for this.



I hope you enjoy incorporating the pink Sneakadoodle Monster into your own repertoire of designs.

Beth MacKinney is the owner and primary artist of Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. She also writes for as the Chicago Face Painting Examiner.

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