Contest Winners: Flower Face Paint Design


Spring has arrived and we’re all excited to see all the flowers, plants and greenery that comes with it. And we proved that with our flour Facepaint Design Contest. We received 24 amazing entries that showed us what spring is all about.

In the end, even though the entries all deserve to win, we need to choose our winners.

Let’s meet the winning face painters, shall we?

Caroline Langevin

Caroline Langevin has been facepainting for 5 years now as a hobby as well as professionally. Her inspiration for her winning face paint design is imagining what it would feel and look like laying on a giant field of pink flowers while enjoying the sun.

Who wouldn’t love that, anyway?

She used Wolfe and Kryvaline face paints for this design.

She’s from Seattle, WA. You can follow her in instagram, oo0caroline0oo.

Here are some of her other art works!




Nicole Garrett


Winning our Judge’s Pick award is 17 year old, Nicole Garrett from England! She has been face painting since she was 14 years old. Face painting started off as a hobby but she is now doing it professionally – face painting in parties and events.  She also does theatrical makeup at college and some sfx makeup as well.

According to her, “I did a skull will flowers to show ‘growth’ and ‘new life’ which is what is normally associated with spring.” What a nice way of portraying the Spring/flour theme!

She often uses Snazaroo face paints but occasionally uses Paradise face paints as well.

You may check out her other works in her instagram page : cr3ativefaces

Here are some of her other art works.




We would like to thank everyone who participated in our flour FacePaint Design Contest! It’s a great honor to us to be able to cater this wonderful contest of skill and creativity for face painters all over the world!

We hope to see you all again in our Graffiti FacePaint Design Contest!