One Stroke Rainbow Butterfly

Another great, fast tutorial for face painter with very little time or those who are at a pay per face event and need to be a bit faster with your customers. This is a great valentines tutorial as well, but can be used for anyone who loves rainbows as well.

Items Used:

1/2 inch flat brush, #2 brush, Sponge

HAS Stencil Pack

DFX One Stroke Split Cake

DFX Black




1: Take your 1/2 inch brush and load it with your split cake of your choice. Place your brush at the tip of your eye and press up to your hair line as seen in the picture. this will make a bigger (straight) tear drop designs. Repeat this multiple times until you reach the crease in your eye.

2: Load the same brush again, then take your brush press down and sweep it over to the crease of your eye this will make a big one tear drop shape.

3/4: Take your Stencil and place it on your big tear drop on the bottom. Line your hearts into the tear drop shape so that when you dab your sponge with the dfx red it wont have any hearts making their way where their not welcome! #4 shows you how to aim to keep it in the teardrop shape.

5: Take your #2 brush and load it with dfx black and create some(angled) tear drops with your eye crease as the pin point  for the tear drops. This helps to make them look good is to have a pin point spot where you end your tear drops. Also add your body and antlers(feelers) for your butterfly. (add some dots if you want to fill in some spots) Your almost done!

6: Outline your Large tear shape and end with a little swirl and your done! Congrats! I’m so happy you choose this design! Feel free to check out some others tutorials on our blog! We also have a Facebook page with updates and a Pinterest page where you can create a board just for face painting tutorials so you can save your favorite instead of trying to search for them!