One Stroke Hibiscus Flower Tutorial

This design is fast and has the coolest color ever! Great for a very fast design but detailed on in itself, this is many of my favorite flowers ( I like exotic or expensive flowers) haha! I used a large split cake for this but next week i’ll be showing you how to make your own custom split cakes!

Items Used:

1/2 Flat Brush, #4 & #2 Round Brush

Split cake

Black and White dfx


One Stroke Hibiscus Flower Tutorial

1: Load your 1/2 brush with your split cake of your choosing, make sure that your main color is over powering the white or else it wont work well with making a flower.

2: Take your 1/2 brush again and point it vertically first upwards toward your hairline and then brush lightly upwards and press down firmly to make a straight tear drop. Do this as many times as you’d prefer I thought three was a pretty okay number.

3: Take your #4 brush and load it with dfx black and create 3 tear drops one smaller then the next focal point being the corner of your eye. Then create some dots in the corner of your eye first if that helps with the focal point.

4: Take your #2 brush and load it with dfx black. Create some smaller tear drops like step three and some more smaller dots to create a fill to the empty spaces.

5: Now load your #2 with dfx white and add some star bursts.

You are finished!! Congratulations! I hope to see your tutorials or your inspirational tutorials on our Facebook page after you give us a like! Or Follow us on Pinterest for our latest tutorials or even to favorite your favorite tutorials already! Thanks again for following our blog!