One Stroke Butterfly Design

This design is fairly simple and the best for beginners or for face painters who want to make more money per person in as fast as possible. This design is perfect as it pleases any little girl who loves butterflies!

Items used:

Sponge, 1/2 inch brush, #4 round brush

Kryvaline One Stroke split cake

DFX Black and White



1: Load your sponge with dfx white, and cover your eye about a half an inch above your eye, and about a half an inch below your eye. You can round it out like I did on the bottom or keep it pointy, that part is totally up to you.

2: Take your one stroke kryvaline split cake and load it with your 1/2 in brush, press the brush down and move it in a half circle motion. from the top of your eye brow to the edge of your eye. Another technique you can do is placing your brush vertical on your eyebrow and pushing the brush upwards to your hairline, you can do this multiple times for a tear drop shape look.

3: Next is a lesson all itself that is what I have another tutorial for it if you don’t know what i’m talking about, You load your #4 brush with a DFX white, spray your Purple with water or just take another brush and wet it. Take your #4 brush again with the white on it and make circular motions with about half or less of your brush, don’t cover all the white. This is whats going to be the pedals look to different colors.  If you have trouble following this tutorial please Click Here for more in depth instructions and pictures.

4: Take your #4 brush and load it with DFX black. Create some tear drops and dots (whatever you are more comfortable with) this will make it your own as well. Make your body and antlers(feelers) and you are finished! Congrats I’m so glad you tried my tutorial! I hope to see you again soon!

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