Make it Quick!


Hey gang hope everyone is having a good summer of face painting. I know things get hectic when you are booking gigs and trying to have a little summer fun too, so we want to help make your shopping time here at easy and time effective. In addition to our quick delivery time we also try to keep our website super user friendly with categories for specific items and quick links. The quick link tab is at the top left of our homepage and can take you to things like, new productscoupons and sale items or the contest page. The blog posts are here as always to share new concepts and designs for face painting, and also help spread the word about what we have going on at


So as I am peeking at the quick links, a couple of things caught my eye that may be handy for the upcoming fall- Halloween season. Two cute animal face paint kits from Ruby red the lion and zebra could be a great addition to your face paint kit. New items and promo adds are always on hand, so keep your eyes peeled for our emails and I will share things here in the blog pages too from time to time.


Thanks to everyone for being such awesome and loyal customers.