Light em’ up!


Imagine having face paint so brilliant it glowed, almost jumping right out of your designs. Now add in a black light and the paintings take on a whole new look. That is exactly what you get with Neon face paint colors. Super brilliant pigments will make your designs pop with color, even in regular daylight. If you have never tried neon paints, let me tell you they can become quite addictive.


Diamond FX Neon

Most of the brand names we carry like GraftobianTAG and Diamond FX, to name a few, have a line of Neon face paints. So if you were wondering if you’re favorite brand having any you should be covered.


Butterflies, fairies and all sorts of fantasy designs can really go to a whole new level when adding in some neon face paint. If you headed out for a night on the town, try adding some neon accents to your makeup and see how people react. Halloween is a perfect chance to try these paints out under black light. This blue skull is simply done with blue neon blue and black from Diamond FX.

Blue skull

Blue skull

So try something new, try a neon design at your next event and see how the crowd goes wild.