It’s a Chirping Grasshopper!


    It’s a grasshopper! They are super cute, and little ones love it. They can sing a song with their back legs. That’s pretty cool right?



    Medium #4 Round Brush
    Small Round #1 (1/16″) Brush

    paper towels or cloth
    water container
    (optional) Fine Mist Spray bottle with water
    optional) Baby wipes

    Colors used in this picture:

    Black Face Paint
    White Face Paint
    Wolfe Face Paints- Light Green
    Wolfe Face Paints – Dark Green
    Wolfe Face Paints – Yellow


    1. Using the medium round brush, paint a circle to start your design.


    2. Add an oval shape, and a long river stone shape to create the body.


    3. Using yellow, add a under belly for the back part of the body. Using a darker gree, add legs. Two big long legs in the back, front legs, and the two small, “kickstand” legs in the middle.


    4. Using the smaller round brush, add white dots for the eyes, and add highlights to the design.


    5. Finally, outline in black. Add antennas, and black dots in the white dots to create the eyes.  Super cute and easy.