Ice Princess Design Tutorial

This is a very easy and quick design if you are in a rush!

Brushes used:

1/2 inch brush, #4, #3

Brushes available Here!

Paint used:

DFX “Captain Obvious” Split cake

DFX white

 You can obviously use any white and any split cake that resembles these but I prefer DFX as it’s very rich in color.




1: Take your 1/2 inch brush loaded with DFX Captian Obvious split cake and create a loop

for more in depth description of how to create a loop please visit my tutorial Here

2: Make a Second loop with your 1/2 inch brush loaded with DFX Captain Obvious and create the loop again only reversing your brush to the opposite color going inside instead of out.

3: Now on top create another loop Identical to step 2 with your 1/2 inch brush and DFX splitcake

4: To create the icicles you load your 1/2 inch brush again with DFX Captain Obvious split cake and with the tip, tap it in a vertical angle, don’t be afraid to drag and tap as well, that is totally your option though. The best part? It doesn’t have to be perfect because icicles are by any means perfect either! How awesome is that?

5: Now to create a teardrop effect with your #4 round brush loaded with DFX white on the bottom and on most of the loops we’ve done. If you do not know what a teardrop is please see Here for more in depth description.

6th and Final: Take your #4 brush and load it with DFX white, make sure you dab a little on yourself to make it a little round as it can get a little pointy at times then ad some star bursts and you are finished!

Congrats to yourself you’ve made a beautiful looking design,Doesn’t look quite like mine you say? Don’t fret practice makes perfect, mine surely didn’t look like this a year ago, just keep practicing and you will get the knack for it!