How to Paint a Wicked Haunted Halloween House

Haunted House FInal

The Halloween season is coming fast! Here is a great design that is simple, fast and easy to do.  You can do the haunted house in different shapes, add a fence, add grave stones, a cat, anything!  Make it your own or follow this design.


Small #0 Round Brush
High Density Hydra Foam Sponge
Paper Towels or Cloth
Water Container
Spray Bottle With Water - Optional
Baby wipes

Colors Used in This Picture:

Diamond FX Essential Black
Tag Body Art Yellow
Tag Body Art Orange
Amerikan Body Art Comestic Glitter in Holographic White


1. Starting with the hydra face painting sponge, wet your sponge using the water spritzer, or just by dipping into your water and squeezing excess water. Use one side of the flat edge of the sponge and drag along the top of the yellow paint. Repeat with the other side of the flat edge of the sponge and the orange face paint.

2. Next, place the sponge where you want your design to. Dab the sponge down, and twist! Let the yellow stay in the middle and the orange on the outside. Make sure to let this dry well before going on to the next step.

Haunted House 1

3. You’ll want to clean up the edges of the circle by taking a baby wipe and going around the edge. Next, using the black face paint and the #0 round brush, start to add grass at the bottom. You can do this by starting at the bottom edge of the circle, and pressing down firmly with the brush, and flick up. Repeat this until you are happy with how much coverage you have.

Haunted 2

3. Now you’ll want to start with the outline of the house. I like to start at the bottom and work my way up. I also want to keep the haunted shape to the right side. This will ensure you have enough room for the tree and bats. Go ahead and put in any windows, or doors you want to show, in the outline.

Haunted 3

4. Fill in the outline of the house, making sure to not fill in any windows!  Next paint in the bare branches of the tree. Have the tree follow the outside edge of the circle, then pull the brush out to make the dangly branches. Finally add some bats and you have a spooky Halloween house!

Add some orange or white glitter to the design and it will sparkle!

Haunted Halloween House Face Paint Design