How to Make a HeartWoo

I’ve been wanting to do some sort of little mythical creature for valentines day and here he is! Species is called a Heartwoo, They come and smoosh kisses on people! This little guy has been named *drum roll please…dudududdaa…* Valenfluff. Valenfluff was named after Joan H. From one of my many facepaint groups on facebook! Thank you for providing this Heartwoo with a squishy cute name!

Items used:

DFX Pink,Red and Black

(custom split cake made by me) – in the future i plan on making a tutorial for custom split cakes!

I used DFX purple, pink and orange

1 inch brush, 3/8th brush and #2 brush and a sponge



1: Take your sponge and load it with DFX pink, cover your eyelid and proceed to make a heart shape around your eye and above the eyebrow. ( your eyebrow will be his eyebrow)

2: Take your 1 inch brush and load it with (any type of split cake your heart desires!) and with the brushes vertical make up and down sweeping motions to make the fur.

3: Dont for get to angle a bit so the fur isn’t pointing outward the entire time.

4: Next load the same split cake you chose with the 3/8th brush and make the arms,legs and wings of your little heartwoo.

4.5: with your #2 brush load it with dfx red and make a tear drop for a nose.

5: Take your #2 brush and load it with dfx black, trace the fur to make it more dominant ( if you like a soft look, or are in a rush, you can skip this part) outline the nose, wings and the front part of the legs. Make your mouth happy, sad, angry what have you. ad some wisker spots above the lip.

6: now for the most famous part of the heartwoo, and why the species got their name, take your #2 brush and load it with red again. make a tiny little heart on the butt. This little cute heart distinguishes it from any other species out there! I hope you had fun making your heartwoo, feel free to let me see your own heartwoos and what you called them!

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