Full Faced Heart Design

This is for your full faced kiddos who love getting the full effect, and fast for face painters who like to keep light on their feet but still please the customers!

Items Used:

DFX One Stroke split cake

HAS Stencil Pack

DFX White

1/2 Flat Brush, #2 & #4 Round Brushes



1: Load your 1/2 brush with your desired split cake, Place in the middle of your eyelid just in case you got to much water you don’t want it to go into your eye. Follow all the way up to the middle of your forehead. on both sides of your eyes. Next Place your brush vertical in the middle of your forehead, press down and lift up in a heart shaped motion and end at the end of the bridge of your nose. Repeat on the other side and you have your heart!

2: Place your stencil of your choosing in the middle of the heart. Take a sponge or dauber and load it with dfx white. not to wet you don’t want it to seep and ruin your design! Dab your sponge onto the stencil.

3: Take your #4 brush and load it with dfx white and outline your heart shape. (optional tear drops and dots of course)

4: Take your #4 brush and load it with dfx white again and create your tear drops, my focal point was the corner of my eye again, this help make crisp even lines to have a focal point for your tear drops. Add some additional dots and star bursts and you are finished. That’s if you don’t like glitter, which everyone likes glitter, I just had to do more tutorials that day and didn’t want glitter all over me! haha!

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