Frozen Themed “Olaf” Tutorial

Everyone Loves warm hugs! The movie Frozen has been a worldwide hit, and with that came Olaf face paintings!


* make sure your client is free of sweat and oils on face/arm

* have the necessary tools at your ready

*Have fun!


Application Steps

Olaf Face Paint Design

#1: Load your Brush and make a vertical motion straight down as shown.

(with a round brush place your brush and swivel in a half circle to make the round top)

#2: Now with your filbert brush angle the brush to make 2 diagonal strokes from the vertical stroke, making a heart shape like design while doing it.

#3: Now after making the heart shaped design it’s time to move on to his body and little feet! All you have to do is make two circle one smaller on top and the biggest on the bottom with two smaller bumps for feet!

(I’ve added my daughters picture for a face reference on where the body might go. because she has such a small face I would recommend putting the head a little higher so the feet aren’t sticking out the nose!)

#4: Now add the outlines with your #2 round brush and DFX black. I tend to leave a little white on either side and complete the feet completely!

#5: Next add the small details (eyes,arms,and buttons)

#6: Add specific details Pupils, Mouth and the famous one tooth! Don't forget to make the tooth very prominent as it’s what makes him Olaf(and his nose of course!)!

#7 Last step before a finished Olaf! You create the famous nose, with your round brush dip it in the DFX orange and make an almost like tear drop shape only dipping up in the middle for the crooked nose shape! If you are rushed I suggest to just leave it as is right now maybe add some white DFX dots for snow =)

#8: If you have time you can add on some BAS stencils to your work with your dauber!

And you finished!! if you have mastered this on the first try I pat you on the back! If not please don't get discouraged as practice makes perfect! I believe in you, feel free to show me your artwork as well! I would love to see it!

Tools and Paints Used:

1/2 inch Filbert Brush (round brushes work too just have to round the edges)

#2 Round Brush

Douber or Sponge


Badass Stencils

Diamond FX White, Black and Orange