Easy Villain Look: Movie Version Joker

young jokerSuperheros are popular, they may have started out with comic books, but since then they have expanded into cartoons, movies, and even TV shows. Every hero has a villain and many of the villains are not that memorable, but there is one that stands out from the rest. You ask a group of children to name the enemy of a superhero and odds are, they will name ‘The Joker’.

There are several ways to do a look similar the Joker. The one we are doing is a cross between the Dark Knight version and the classic comic book.


Pull hair back out of the way
Clean and dry the face
Lay out all of your tools and supplies within easy reach


Mehron Wedge Cream Makeup Sponge

White Taklon Brushes – Round #5

Colors Used In this picture:

Ben Nye Liquid Face Paint – Red

Ben Nye Liquid Face Paint – White

Paradise Face Paint – Lime


  1. Using the sponge and white face paint, dot the paint all over the face. Remember, in the movie he was a madman who very obviously put the makeup on in a hurry. It was only during the opening bank robbery scene that his makeup was neat and pristine. It degraded over the course of the movie. At one point you can easily see where his makeup was smeared by his fingers.
  2. This version uses the green eyebrows familiar to us in the comics, so using your brush, carefully paint in your eyebrows with the green
  3. This character is infamous for his smile…it is bright red and big, in the last movie it is also applied sloppily, so don’t hesitate to really exaggerate it. And paint yourself a big wide smile that goes half way up the cheeks.

The movie also had him darken in his eye sockets to accent the insane look. You can do this by using Ben Nye Licorice Black Face Paint as a powder and applying it with either your finger tip or a sponge.


If you want to go a little classier;

Lady Joker1Just remember that the clothes make the man(or woman), without green hair and a purple shirt or jacket…you are just a demented looking clown.