Easy One Stroke 3 Step Design

This has to be my fastest design, of course it comes with practice but this design has your own touch to it, as your technique can’t be choreographed, it’s whatever flows. That is what makes this design fun to do because no one will ever look the same! It’ll look similar but never the same. Like a snowflake!

Items Used:

My Own Split cake made up of Neon DFX paints 

DFX Black and White

#2 and #4 Round Brushs and 1/2 inch flat brush



1: Take your 1/2 brush and load it with any split cake that looks appealing to you! Place it in the middle of your eyebrow or whatever feels comfortable where to start, and start making sporadic jolts around your eye til it starts looking like a half circle. Repeat this step as many times as you’d like for layers. This is why it makes it unique and all up to you! If you wanted to you could actually make them round if you wanted! I love this look though.

2: Next load your #2 brush with dfx black and outline where you see fit, to make it more prominent in some areas. This can be precise as well as what I did in the picture. When you are in a hurry Id suggest to randomly squiggle lines for a main outline, if you have time though you can outline the entire thing.

3: Lastly and this has to be my favorite part, I love swirls and spirals Dots are my second favorite they just fill in the empty spaces and make them stand out more. You can create this however you’d like more swirls then dots, more dots then swirls. Uniqueness is what I live for, Inspiration is my thing, I look at designs and imagine what I would do if it was my design and I come up with these!

You are finished with your masterpiece! Congrats and if you every want to share your pictures feel free to check out our Facebook give us a like and post the masterpiece! Or you can save your favorite design inspirations and Pin them to your Pinterest page! I’m so happy that all of you like my designs and I hope to see some in the future!