Video: Easy Christmas Ornaments With Stencils by Alfia


For this holiday design I would like to share with you an improvised  technique of using different stencils to add depth and glamor to this easy Christmas design. I love stencils because you can quickly get a complete image, especially at large events where there are a lot of people.

To make this a super fast 2 minute design, downsize it to one ornament with a spring of holly and some berries!

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Easy Stencil Christmas Ornaments


Other stencil ornament ideas:

Quick Ornaments with BAM Gears Stencil
Quick Ornaments with BAM Gears Stencil
  - Dab stencil with a light color, use a darker shade to draw details

Christmas Trees with BAM Curvy and Cracked Ice Stencils
Christmas Trees with BAM Curvy Curls and Cracked Ice Stencils
  - Dab stencil with green, then draw details with Liquid Glitter


My name is Alfiya and I have been living in Spain or many years. From early childhood I loved to draw but never studied art, I was always self-taught. I occasionally painted pictures until one day in 2016, by great coincidence, during one holiday I was asked to paint a lot of boys and girls - it was a panic situation for me, painting 45 constantly moving children's faces and I was alone and without the skills for it! But that day I realized that it is exactly what I really would like to do in future. Hope you enjoy my work!

With love, Alfia