Do you Snazaroo?


Recently I was strolling through a festival held at one of my favorite parks; live music was in the air, booths of fun activities and free goodies everywhere and happy kids running around with balloon creations and cute face paints. My curiosity compelled me to see if the face painters were indeed using safe face paint products, so I may made my way to the face paint tent. Upon my arrival I saw about 5 volunteers painting away each of them having their own personal Snazaroo kit, YAY! I was pleased to see quality paints being used because all to often with volunteer groups poster paints are used in lieu of a professional product, yuck.

I struck up a conversation with one of the painters, sharing with them my excitement to see professional paints in use on their lovely designs. I then asked if there was a reason for choosing Snazaroo brand and her reply was simply this; “Snazaroo was the best value for our needs and they are FDA approved.” She also quickly added “they look great too!” Some of the other volunteers chimed in on the conversation stating how they liked having the paints in a little palette, it made it easy to keep the area clutter free and if they wanted to take a break they just covered the paints with the lid and put it out of sight. They also kept it simple by everyone having the same kit so the kids could get the same colors on their design no matter who painted them. “Quick, easy and safe” stated one of the painters.


Snazaroo has been around for over 20 years bringing us safe reliable products at a good value.  Snazaroo was one of the first companies to hit the scene and always puts emphasis on a safe product for the consumer. One can find a variety of paints in the Snazaroo line from the classic colors to sparkle and pastels. Specialty products like the Princess Stencil Kit or Bug Stencil Kit makes painting at a themed party a breeze. You will also find a wide variety of tools like stencils and stamps to help you create a plethora of paint designs. If you are curious as how the paints look on the skin check out the color sample photos.

Dolphin stencil

Dolphin stencil


No matter how many products I test and review,  it’s always nice to see brands we carry being used out in the real world and having positive feedback from the consumer. With companies like Snazaroo keeping affordable face paints on the market, I do hope more groups who may have used non cosmetic paints for face painting switch to a safe face paint product.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.