Cute Holiday Tree Eye Design Tutorial

This little tree easy tutorial is a great adult design for crazy holiday parties or just out on the town throughout the holiday seasons.

Brushes/Sponges Used:

Hydro Sponge

1/2 inch brush, #2 and #4 round brush

Make up brushes and Sponges can be located Here!

Paints Used:

DFX Teal Blue, Brown, White and Yellow

Tag Green Split cake, and Red



1: Take your Sponge and load it with your Teal Blue, dab it on your eye lid and create a curve just above your eyebrow.

2: With your 1/2 inch brush load your tag split cake and create a diagonal line and continue down to the middle of the start of your eyelid. repeat the same on the opposite side

3: With your #2 brush load your DFX brown and great your tiny trunk on your tree.

4: With your #2 brush load your Yellow and create ornaments and the star.

5: Now with your #4 Brush and load it with your DFX white. Start creating Tear drops starting from the top of your teal color and ending at the tree. Now make an additional couple tear drops  on the top ( how many is up to you and how big your eye lid or forehead is)

6: Now with your #4 brush and white again create some small tear drops on the bottom eye lid ( don’t forget to create a focal point! It helps tremendously for creating a good tear drops)

7: With your same brush and White create some snow and also some white ornaments, now take your #2 Brush and outline your your start too!

8: Take your Red and a #4 brush and create your ornaments.

9: Now all you need to is add some star bursts and your done!

And your done! congrats you have made it through one of my many tutorials! If it doesn’t look like mine do not fret as practice makes perfect, I believe in you! If you have any questions i’m always happy to answer them =)

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