Cute Holiday Ornament Eye Design Tutorial

This is a second installment for a nice adult or kid eye design, great for parties and holiday balls where anything goes!

 Brushes and Sponges used:

Hydro Sponge

1/2 inch brush, #2 and #4 round brush

Make up brushes and Sponges can be located Here!

Paints used:

SillyFarm Flash Split Cake

SillyFarm Hippie Split Cake

DFX White & Black


1: With your sponge load your Flash Split Cake and dab your entire eyelid as well as bring it up just to the middle of your eyebrow to a dull point.

2: With your #4 brush create your tear drops making your focal point the middle on the eyelid. Now with your #2 brush create the lines for the ornaments. Load your #4 brush with the Hipping split cake with the Blue, Green and Purple and add your ornaments.

3: Take your #2 and load it with the DFX black and outline your tear drops to make them more prominent.

4: With your #2 brush load it with white and make your designs on your ornaments

5: Now with your #4 brush load the purple and put tear drops in between the white tear drops, with your blue repeat what you did with the purple and your done! You can always add some star bursts if you’d like.

And your Finished! the last photo is both the Tree Tutorial found Here!

Congrats! remember practice makes perfect!