Cosplay Makeup: The Ultimate Hellboy

Hell Boy

Hell Boy by Christopher English

When I started returning to the Con scene a few years ago, I started seeing Christopher English’s Hellboy everywhere. His costume and makeup were outstanding and you almost thought he had just stepped off of the set. From the Right Hand of Doom to the Good Samaritan wielded in his left, Chris has perfected the Hellboy look right down to the cigar continually on his lips.

What prompted you to chose Hellboy?

I wanted to pick a character that I loved, but also someone I felt I could portray convincingly. There is no right or wrong way to cosplay but selecting a character that I felt fit me was important to me after the movies, a hundred times over! Hellboy was an easy choice

How long did it take you to perfect the look?

I have been tweaking the makeup and costume combinations as a whole for two years now. At this point I feel very comfortable and confident in my overall look and makeup, but having no prior knowledge of how makeup is applied and how any of the process works it has been trial and error trying to get the right look…that’s part of the reason it took so long

Do you have any makeup or costuming horror stories?

Actually I do the first year I ever did Hellboy at a con in 2012 was on a Saturday so I had nothing ready prior to Saturday! I literally woke up that morning and started to put the costume together. Having no makeup experience at all I had red grease makeup all over my clothes, hands, and hair I bought a really cheap looking Hellboy mask that I ended up not using because it just wasn’t working for me. I also had no horns, guns, or belt and my right hand of doom was made from an empty paint can and a boxing glove I found in the garage that morning and spray painted. The spray paint wasn’t dry all the way so I got red paint smeared in my car on the way there! And despite all that I had an absolute blast at my first con. it was a great experience and it didn’t matter that the outfit was far from perfect it was then I realized that cosplay is AWESOME and I been doing it ever since.

If you don’t mind I would like to have a little thank you section for the following: Ann English, Vicky English and English family, Ashley Smith for teaching me everything I know about makeup love you, and Jody McQuarters for convincing me to go to my first con!