Batman Mask - Classic and Easy!


Little boys (and some girls) love Batman face paint masks. It's a great mask to know as it never gets old. It’s a classic for sure. It’s so fun to watch them transform into their favorite super hero!  Follow the steps below to learn a fast and simple design.


1″ Flat Brush
Medium #4 Round Brush

Colors used in this picture:

Black Face Paint
White Face Paint
Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Blue
Diamond FX Face Paints – Dark Blue


Diamond FX Split Cake – Large Captain Obvious


I made my own split cake, and I am using two colors, metallic blue and dark blue for this design.  You can also use the two darker colors on the Captain Obvious Split cake as well.

1. Starting the the split cake, and the one inch brush load with the two darkest blues.  Start by painting a curved line across the forehead. Keep the darker blue on the top.


2. Paint small ears on each side, and curve down below. Follow the cheek bone.


3. Continue the blue over the bridge of the nose. Keep the darker blue on the outer edge of the design.


4. Outline the design in black. Use a medium round brush to go over the outer edges, and across the nose.  Then using a medium filbert brush, blend in the black into the blue using a dry brush technique.


5. Finally, add white for highlights over the design.


Thank you for reading! Happy Painting!