Arm Art: More Room! Here is a Sword!

Sword 4


  1. Using the arm can be a great way to have more room for cool designs. Use the inside of the arm so that the person can better protect their design from smudges, and when washing their hands.
  2.  Using the arm can also help with children who may be a little nervous about being painted.  This lets them see what’s going on, and they can view the results the whole time! 


Medium #4 Round Brush
Medium Filbert

Colors used in this picture:

Diamond FX Essential Black
Diamond FX Essential White
Wolfe Face Paints – Orange
Wolfe Face Paints Red


1. Starting with the white face paints, and the filbert brush, draw a sword blade shape on the length wise of the arm.  To draw this shape, simply draw a rectangle, then add a triangle on its side.

Sword 1

2. Next using the red face paint, and a medium round brush, add the handle to the bottom of the sword. This shape is a shorter rectangle than the first, and has curved edges.  Paint a straight red line on the top of the handle to each edge. Then, using a teardrop brush stroke, create swirls on each side of the sword and connect to the red painted line.

Sword 2

3.  Now add some orange to the handle, using the orange face paint, and the round medium brush. Make fat curved teardrop shapes starting at one side of the handle, and going across to the other side.

4. Now for the outline. Using the same round medium brush, load with lots of black paint, with a little thicker than ink consistency.  Trace around the outside of the design.  Add some fat black teardrops in between the orange teardrops on the handle.  For the inside of the blade, Start by painting a line starting from the handle and going down almost to the end of the straight lines, in the middle of the blade. Then from that point, draw two diagonal lines that meet at the edges of the triangle shape. The part where the straight line, becomes a diagonal line.


5. Add silver over the white to add some shading. You can blend the silver with the black outline just a little, to help add different shapes of the silver, and more shading.

Sword 4

Create different color handles for different teams!
Don’t be afraid to add glitter!