A Glowing Neon Skull For Day and Night

Neon Skull

One thing that I love about working with neon paints is that you can use them for designs for the day and the night. This skull looks bright and vivid during the day, and glows very well under the black light at night. It’s pretty simple to do.


Small Round #1 (1/16″) Brush
Medium Filbert
High Density Hydra Foam Sponge

paper towels or cloth
water container
(optional) Fine Mist Spray bottle with water
optional) Baby wipes

Colors used in this picture:

Black Face Paint
White Face Paint
Kryolan Face Paints – UV Dayglow Pink
Kryolan Face Paints – UV Dayglow Orange


1. Using the hydra sponge and the neon orange face paint, dab the paint on using circles to evenly add paint.  Paint one side of the face.



2. Next, using the neon pink, add in the eye socket, and under the cheek. Add shadows where you see fit.



3. Next, using the medium round brush, outline the design. Trace around the eye, and then add teeth on top of the lips. Both top and bottom.  I also added a splash of water on top of the head to create an texture effect.



4. Add more cracks and detail with the black. Next, use white to fill in the teeth and add some highlights on the face.



5. Add some shading to the teeth by blending in a little of the black with the white. Fill in the eye socket black. Now below is what it looks like in the UV light.


Neon Skull