A Fun One Stroke Flower Eye Design

final 3

Here is an easy flower eye design that goes around the eye. This design is great for festivals and outdoor events, and also perfect for mom or older sister who wants to participate but doesn’t want a full face design.


Medium #4 Round Brush
1″ Flat Brush

paper towels or cloth
water container
fine mist spray bottle with water
optional) Baby wipes

Colors used in this picture:

Black Face Paint
White Face Paint
Yellow Face Paint
Light Green
Tag One Stoke Custom Split – Indian Spice
Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Green

Amerikan Body Art Cosmetic Glitter – Holographic Bubblegum Pink (Sheer)


1. Start with the 1 inch brush and the Indian Spice Split Cake. Load the brush by adding a tiny bit of water, and working the brush back and forth over the paint, until it the brush is full of paint.  Move the brush over the paint in the same direction of the stripes so you will load all the colors in the right place.

2. Starting at one corner of the eye add a petal by placing the brush and pressing firmly down and swooping the brush up and turning to make a point. Repeat on the other side, making sure the points come together.  In the picture I actually used a homemade split cake, so it might not look the same as the Indian Spice, which I really want! It will look really great and I can’t wait to try it out.


2. Continue to add two more petals using the same technique.


3. Now using the round brush, and the metallic green paint, add leaves and vines surrounding the flower.


4. Next add white tear drops inside of the petals. Also add some more swirls, and dots all around where ever you see fit.


5. Next, add a series of yellow dots around the corner of the eye. This will help to tie in the flower and blend into the eye.

6. Now using the round brush outline the design. Add as little or as much detail as you would like, or have time for.

7. Using the spray bottle with water, lightly mist the design about 10-12 inches away from the face. Poof on some glitter using the poof-able glitter. Just squeeze the bottle and it comes right out, just point where you want it to go. This glitter is cosmetic so you don’t have to worry about using it around the eye.

final 3