A Flower Fairy For You!


Flower Faries love all types of flowers.  This one is easy to paint. Follow the steps below to learn how.


Medium #4 Round Brush
Small Round #1 (1/16″) Brush
3/8″ Flat Brush

paper towels or cloth
water container
(optional) Fine Mist Spray bottle with water
optional) Baby wipes

Colors used in this picture:

Black Face Paint
White Face Paint
Yellow Face Paint
Light Blue Face Paint
Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Blue
Purple Face Paint
Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Green
Diamond FX Face Paints – Lavender
Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Cooper
TAG Face Paints – Pearl Blush


1. Starting with the 3/8″ flat brush, load the brush with one side lavendar and one side purple face paints.  Add two lines like below.



2. Continue to add more lines, that go from the top and bottom to the center.



3. Using the pearl blush, add a circle for the head, and add the shoulders and add top part of the arms.



4. Next, using the metallic cooper, add hair around the head, add swirls around her shoulders and waist.  Using the metallic blue give her a pretty dress, using the medium round brush, and using long tear drop shapes to create the dress. Add light blue highlight on top.



5. Continue to add on her arms and hands, and legs.  Use metalic green to create the stem of the flower, and yellow for the center.



6. Add white to the design. Add White highlights in her hair and on her arms and legs.  Make multiple tear drop shapes all pointing around the yellow to create the flower. Add dots and star burst on her dress and wings. Add two oval dots for the eyes.



7.Finally, outline in black. Trace around the wings, and give it shape. Outline the hair, body and dress. Add two dots for the eyes. Add a mouth and nose.  This would be ideal for glitter!



Easily add glitter by using a spray bottle with water, and spritzing the design lightly at least 12 inches away.  Use a poof-able cosmetic grade  glitter to add evenly all around. Use different colors to really create an effect.