3 Step Valentine Design

Another design that is quick and inspirational, I would call or name these snowflake designs as not all of them are going to look the same, similar but not the exact same. I love these as you, as a face painter and pick your own tempo, and swirls that come to you!

Items used:

1/2 inch flat brush, #2 & #4 Round brush

Custom Made Split Cake made from Neon DFX

DFX White and Black



1: Take your choice of a split cake and load it with your 1/2 brush. Now create a S shape design from under your eye to the middle of the cheek and to your eyelid to about an inch above your eye brow. Now next to the crease of your eyelid make either make round or pointed designs (S) shaped again if pointed. and you have the outline!

2: This design is totally in your control now. I decided to go crazy with mine! Tear drops are my favorite so I added those more than dots or swirls. Load your Black dfx to your #4 brush and add your tear drops, next add your #2 into the mix with dfx black and create your swirls as you desire i’ve also added dots with the #2 & #4 brush together so some are smaller then the usual.

3: Next i’ve added dfx white with my #2 brush to add some highlighted areas. This is optional which would make for an even faster design! I’ve added some white dots and starburst for effect. You can even add some glitter to make it even more appealing to your customers!

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