2018 Instagram Halloween Countdown: Day 2 Monique Martin

    2018 Instagram Halloween Countdown: Daily Winner

    2018 Instagram Halloween Countdown: Day 2 Monique Martin

    Artist info: Monique Martin from USA

    Instagram: @mo_prettyartist

    Death eventually comes for us all...He not only claims your soul and spirit, but even your "Flesh"..He thinks hes all mighty and "royal". He wears your flesh as his skin and armor and carries your spirit in his candle that draws you in and guides you either peace or torment

    Products Used: Liquid Latex, Mehron Paradise AQ Face Paint, Awesome Fake Blood

    My name is Monique, every since I was a nine years old I have always love to draw and paint matter what the canvas was. I would try to copy characters I would see on TV and animals in the world and paint them on myself.Watching my dad inspire to paint.My dad was a artist too, even though he passed away in 2015 he talent and artistic spirit lives on in me. I dont like facepainting, I LOVE it its drive my soul and spirit everyday.Even when I'm not painting on clients,I paint myself and get so much joy from it. I dont ever seeing myself ever stopping because it's my air and you can survive without "air" right?. Thanks again, for choosing me as a contestant.