2018 Instagram Halloween Countdown: Day 1 Jennifer Sedita

 2018 Instagram Halloween Countdown: Daily Winner

Artist info: Jennifer Sedita from Osnabrück, Germany

Instagram: @jennika_makeup

Facebook: jennikamakeup

The inspiration came from contact lenses and spiral, then I added a clown that is typical of Halloween. Generally my ideas start all from scenic objects, lenses, wigs, necklaces, etc ... or from what I want to perceive to the viewer

Products Used: PartyXplosion Black, White, Light Green, Turquoise, Green, Yellow, and Pink; TAG Regular Red; Geolenses SF-33; NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eyes Pencil Black Bean; Beauty Big Bang Cosmetic Bomber Lipstick; Shop Missa Brushes; Jessup Beauty Brushes; Eva Hair Wig

My name is Jennifer Sedita I'm 27 years old and I've been living in Germany for 5 years. I have a 3 year old son and I started with makeup when my son was born. I did not know the German language, so I did not go out much at home and I became more and more passionate about the make-up world, last year in June I started to open my Instagram page and let out all my creativity there. I have never attended schools or makeup courses I have learned all by myself, watching videos on YouTube and doing a thousand tests. Ultimate I'm approaching the world of bodypaint and special effects, I love to build the props alone, and try to involve as many people as possible with my creativity. It has become a real passion for me, which I'm trying to turn into work. For me it is already so much to be among the 31 finalists, until last year I never imagined being able to get so far and create so many things, it would be a dream for me to win! It would mean that someone truly believes in me and appreciates what I do. This is me, a hug 🤗