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Silly Farm Rainbow Cakes

Rainbow Cakes

Silly farm rainbow cakes are a great way of organizing a wide range of colors in a single container. These Silly farm rainbow cakes help you organize your colors and come up creative designs by mixing and matching the wide range of colors available in one place. Silly farm rainbow cakes are available in various forms such as St. Patricks Day Rainbow Cake, Pretty Baby Rainbow Cake, Juicy Fruit Rainbow Cake, Candy Heart Rainbow Cake, Fire Rainbow Cake, Snowflakes Rainbow Cake and many others - choose the one that inspires you.

How Many Faces Will This Paint?
Each 2 ounce Silly Farm Rainbow Cake is good for 75-200 applications.

Application & Removal Tips

Top Selling Products

Silly Farm Rainbow Split Cakes - Brilliant Bling - (2 oz)

Product ID : F10404


Qty in Stock : 14

Silly Farm Split Cakes - Gum Drop - (2 oz)

Product ID : F10422


Qty in Stock : 12

Silly Farm Split Cakes - Patriotic - (2 oz)

Product ID : F10436


Qty in Stock : 35

Silly Farm Split Cakes - Hippie - (2 oz)

Product ID : F10424


Qty in Stock : 9

Silly Farm Split Cakes - Pixie Pie - (2 oz)

Product ID : F10439


Qty in Stock : 14

Silly Farm Split Cakes - Juicy Fruit - (2 oz)

Product ID : F10426


Qty in Stock : 12

Silly Farm Split Cakes - Carribean Cool - (2 oz)

Product ID : F10406


Qty in Stock : 1

Silly Farm Split Cakes - Sparkle Dust - (2 oz)

Product ID : F10445


Qty in Stock : 11

Silly Farm Split Cakes - Firefly - (2 oz)

Product ID : F10416


Qty in Stock : 6

Silly Farm Split Cakes - Fire - (2 oz)

Product ID : F10415


Qty in Stock : 5


Application & Removal Tips

How Do I Apply
Recommended: Always start with a clean dry face before using make up face paint.
Step 1: Use a damp sponge or spritz a small amount of water directly onto the Rainbow Face Paint Cake, then glide the sponge back and forth a few times in the direction of the stripes.
Step 2: Apply the rainbow makeup to skin in a patting motion for best results. It is better to have too little water than too much, as more water can be added.

How Do I Remove
To Remove Face Paint From Skin: Wash with soap and water or baby wipes. Work into face painted area for 15 to 20 seconds to loosen face paint makeup from the skin. Some traces of rainbow face paint cake may remain for a short period after washing.

To Remove Face Paint From Fabric: Let the stain dry completely, then brush off; if any color remains use a product such as "Spot Shot" on furniture or carpet and use a pre-soak product on clothing.