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Woochie Large Space Ear Tips Kit

Product ID : K20137


Qty in Stock : 22

Cinema Secrets Blue Man Group Makeup Kit

Product ID : M3050


Qty in Stock : 25

Woochie Pinocchio Noses

Product ID : K20123


Qty in Stock : 30

Cinema Secrets Flesh Latex (1 oz)

Product ID : K14121


Qty in Stock : 8

Woochie Space Ear Tips - Small

Product ID : K2004


Qty in Stock : 6

Woochie Small Pixie Noses (1 1/2")

Product ID : K3106


Qty in Stock : 8

Woochie Bullet Hole (.38) EZ FX Kits

Product ID : K20101


Qty in Stock : 5

Woochie Small Space Ear Tips Kit

Product ID : K20138


Qty in Stock : 2

Woochie Space Ear Tips - Large

Product ID : K2005


Qty in Stock : 5

Woochie Large Pig Noses

Product ID : K20119


Qty in Stock : 3

Woochie Skull EZ FX Kits

Product ID : k20131


Qty in Stock : 4

Woochie Witch Nose and Chin FX Kits

Product ID : k20125


Qty in Stock : 10

Safety Info

Cinema Secret products are produced in the United States and are FDA approved. There are no hazardous byproducts in Cinema Secret products. The materials that Cinema Secret uses in their products are of high cosmetic grade and compliant with global cosmetic guidelines.

As with any cosmetic product, it is a good idea to try on a small patch of skin first to see if there are any adverse reactions. Avoid the eye area and sensitive skin or skin that you might have under a doctor’s care.

Product Info

Woochie Character Kits

Woochie Character Kits

Woochie character kits are professionally designed high-quality foam prosthetics that are used to produce the faces of different characters on ones face. They are available in a variety of characters including Woochie Skull Kit, Woochie Werewolf Set, Woochie Bullet Hole Kit and the Woochie Vampire Kit and many more. The kit also includes spirit adhesive, remover, and instructions to remove the prosthetics with step by step instructions.

Woochie Ears & Noses

Woochie Ears & Noses

Woochie Ears and Noses are prosthetics which can be used to bring different characters to life. It is available in a variety of forms including pixie nose, bald cap, elf ear tips, and woochie clown nose. It is made using original latex which produces amazing results. It is widely used on stage and in the movie industry for producing different characters. They can be applied quite easily with our prosthetic glue and are available at reasonable prices.

Face Powder

Ultralucent Mineral Face Powder

Cinema Secrets Ultralucent Mineral Powders are ultra-fine, smooth setting powders that are perfect to set your creme makeup to a perfect matte finish. They work great to bring down the extra glossiness from your face makeup to achieve a more natural look. Cinema Secrets Mineral Powders are certified as Vegan and are free of paraben, gluten, talc, phthalates and mineral oil.

Application and Removal Tips

Woochie Prosthetics

Product Info

How Do I Apply
Step 1: First hold the prosthetic over the area to see the best and most realistic place for them.

Step 2: Brush on spirit gum on the places where tips will touch the skin. You can also apply spirit gum directly on the skin. The spirit gum will have the best stickiness if you use your finger to move the gum up and down a few times.

Step 3: Place the prosthetic on the area and press into place. If necessary, the edges can be trimmed to create a better fit.

How Do I Remove
Take a small brush or cotton swab and put a small amount of remover under the edges of the prosthetic. After prosthetic are off the applied area, remove any leftover adhesive by rubbing more remover into the area. Rinse off the skin with warm water and a washcloth.

To Use Again: Gently clean and dry the prosthetic and store away from direct sunlight.

Face Powders

Product Info

How Do I Apply
Take a powder puff or puffy brush and dip into the powder. Gently brush onto skin and coat area evenly.

How Do I Remove
Take a moist wipe and go over the area with makeup. Apply a cleanser and finish by using a wet cloth to wipe it off.

Learn more about Cinema Secrets

Cinema Secrets Woochie was founded in 1984 in Los Angeles by Maurice Stein. Stein is a veteran Hollywood make-up artist whose work appears in many film and television productions. Stein was the artist behind the award-winning Plant of the Apes movie in 1969. Stein started Cinema Secrets with the mission of giving the general public the most innovative designs and superior craftsmanship in the field of latex prosthetics.

Cinema Secrets Woochie line of latex prosthetics, face paint and special effects paint has made the Woochie brand the industry's benchmark for special effects makeup and fx prosthetics. Woochie only uses top quality ingredients.