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Birthday Face Painting Kits

Birthday Face Painting Kits

Kids love dressing up for birthdays and now you can make any costume even better with birthday face painting. Try a birthday party face painting kit with cosmetic-grade, FDA-approved only face paints, suitable for face painting even a large group of children. Water-based face paints in our face painting birthday party kits are easy to apply with step-by-step instructions and easy to wash off with regular soap and water.

Want to see a face painting video on how to face paint a character?
Select a face paint character::

Top Selling Products

Snazaroo Ultimate Party Pack

Product ID : F1813


Qty in Stock : 20

Wolfe Face Painting Kits (4 Colors)

Product ID : F10501-1


Qty in Stock : 115


Ruby Red Face Paint Stamps

Product ID : F131533-1


Qty in Stock : 214


Snazaroo Face Paint Crayons (6 Colors)

Product ID : f2050


Qty in Stock : 24

Wolfe Face Painting Kits (10 Colors)

Product ID : F10520-1


Qty in Stock : 122


Snazaroo Face Painting Book Kits (8 Colors)

Product ID : B10450K-1


Qty in Stock : 27


Klutz Face Painting Kits (6 Colors)

Product ID : f1280


Qty in Stock : 18

Snazaroo Boy's Face Painting Crayons (6 Colors)

Product ID : F2051


Qty in Stock : 3

Snazaroo Girl's Face Painting Crayons (6 Colors)

Product ID : F2052


Qty in Stock : 20

Snazaroo Halloween Face Painting Crayons (6 Colors)

Product ID : F2053


Qty in Stock : 4