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Sparkling Face Gems & Glitters

Glitter & Gems

Use face painting glitter to sparkle and shine at your next face painting party. Face glitter provides dazzling details for your glitter face for any occasion. There are several types of face paint glitter available, choose dry polyester glitter or mica power to sprinkle over makeup, opt for liquid or gel glitter to apply glitter in for more detailed face painting designs.

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Top Selling Products

Amerikan Body Art Glitter - Holographic White (Sheer)

Product ID : F159072-3


Qty in Stock : 226


Amerikan Body Art Sheer Glitter - Holographic White (0.5 oz)

Product ID : F159072


Qty in Stock : 202

Ben Nye Final Seal

Product ID : K1217-1


Qty in Stock : 100


Mehron Mixing Liquid (4.5 oz)

Product ID : K12210


Qty in Stock : 166

Graftobian Cosmetic Powdered Metal - Gold (1 oz)

Product ID : f15842


Qty in Stock : 94

Mehron Glitter Dust - Opalescent White W (0.25 oz/7 gm)

Product ID : F1572


Qty in Stock : 99

Mehron Glitter Powders - Metallic Gold G (1 oz/28 gm)

Product ID : F157922


Qty in Stock : 76

Ben Nye Glitter Glue (1 oz / 29 ml)

Product ID : K1480


Qty in Stock : 83

Ruby Red Peel & Stick Gems

Product ID : K1650


Qty in Stock : 55

Mehron Glitter Dust - Holographic Silver H (0.25 oz/7 gm)

Product ID : F1577H


Qty in Stock : 51


How to Apply and Remove Glitter?

To apply glitter: Use your finger, a sponge or a face painting brush to apply the glitter. If you're having a problem with the cosmetic glitter sticking to the skin, use a soft cosmetic brush to lightly dust the skin with baby powder before applying your glitter.

To create a free hand glitter tattoo:
Step 1: Clean the skin with rubbing alcohol and allow it to dry completely. Any moisture, sweat, or lotion will cause the cosmetic glitter to stick on the skin.
Step 2: Use a face paint brush to apply a light coat of glitter glue to the skin.
Step 3: Allow the glitter glue to dry to a clear sticky surface.
Step 4: Use the glitter bottles to poof glitter onto the areas where you want it.
Step 5: Use a cosmetic brush to sweep away any excess cosmetic glitter.

To remove glitter: Use a washcloth or cotton ball. For glitter on the face, use a little makeup remover on the cotton ball to gently wipe away the polyester glitter. Glitter on the body can be removed using rubbing alcohol. Also use rubbing alcohol to clean glitter from your face painting brushes.