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Glow In The Dark UV Face Paint

Glow In The Dark UV Face Paint

UV Dayglow face paint is terrific for all sorts of face painting designs. Glow in the Dark face paint glows on its own, and the Neon Face Paint and Dayglow Face Paint are vivid in natural light and glow brightly under black light. See our selection of Glowing Face Paint and Neon Face Paint below.

Click on each image to see UV Neon colors from popular brands.
UV Colors UV Colors UV Colors UV Colors UV Colors UV Colors

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Top Selling Products

Mehron Fantasy FX Liquid Face Paints - Glow in the Dark GL (1 oz)

Product ID : F1218


Qty in Stock : 12

Kryolan UV DayGlow Face Paint Palettes (6 Colors)

Product ID : f1110


Qty in Stock : 15

TAG Face Paints - Neon Green (1.13 oz/32 gm)

Product ID : F21182


Qty in Stock : 8

Mehron Black Light BLAME Pen Set (6 Colors)

Product ID : F12301


Qty in Stock : 21

TAG Face Paints - Neon Orange (1.13 oz/32 gm)

Product ID : F21186


Qty in Stock : 1

Mehron Fantasy FX Fluorescent Liquid Face Paints (1 oz)

Product ID : F1225-1


Qty in Stock : 63


Mehron Fantasy FX Liquid Face Paints - Fluorescent Yellow (1 oz)

Product ID : F1225


Qty in Stock : 13

Mehron Fantasy FX Liquid Face Paints - Fluorescent Lime (1 oz)

Product ID : F1226


Qty in Stock : 9

Diamond FX Face Paints - Neon Magenta N128

Product ID : F50081-3


Qty in Stock : 43


Diamond FX Face Paints - Neon Yellow N50

Product ID : F50084-3


Qty in Stock : 51


Diamond FX Face Paints - Neon Pink N32

Product ID : F50080-3


Qty in Stock : 36


Diamond FX Face Paints - Neon Green N60

Product ID : F50085-3


Qty in Stock : 35


How Do I Apply & Remove Face Paint?

Recommended: Always start with a clean dry face before using face paint.
Step 1: Moisten applicator with a small amount of water. Rub the wet applicator on top of the cake face paint makeup until a creamy consistency is created. It is better to have too little water than too much, as more water can be added.
Step 2: Apply face paint to the face with the applicator with consistent even strokes. Allow the base color to dry for at least 5 minutes before starting your line work.

To remove from skin: Wash with soap and water or baby wipes. Work into face painted area for 15 to 20 seconds to loosen face paint makeup from the skin. Some traces of color may remain for a short period after washing.

To remove from fabric: Avoid contact with fabric, carpet, and upholstery. In case of accidental contact, spot treat with baby shampoo, liquid dish soap or OxyClean-like product and help loosen the face paint makeup with a toothbrush. Do NOT add water until the soap had loosened the face paint makeup. Once the face paint is thoroughly loosened, add a small amount of warm water. Blot or wet vacuum the area. Repeat this process as necessary.