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Face Paints, Supplies & Instructions

Face Painting For Beginners

Are you a new face painter asking, “What do I need to start face painting?” The basic things you need are some paint, applicators (brushes & sponges), clean water and a willing face to paint. Its usually easiest to start with a face paint kit, which will include several colors in smaller sizes, allowing you to learn to paint without breaking the budget. Many of our kits include a book of basic face paint designs, brushes and a sponge, and these accessories are also available separately. We even have kits that include just a few colors and teach you how to make a single face, making them ideal for theme parties!

One place to start is our Face Paint Guide

Want to see a face painting video on how to face paint a character?

See our Face Painting Tutorials below

For more information on the product

Top Selling Products

Snazaroo High Density Face Painting Sponges - 2" (2/pack)

Product ID : K1008A


Qty in Stock : 54

Wolfe Face Paint Crayons Giveaway Box - Bright (6/box)

Product ID : f1066


Qty in Stock : 678

Klutz Face Painting Palette Refill (Wolfe, 6 Colors)

Product ID : f1281


Qty in Stock : 141

Wolfe Face Paint Crayons - Bright (6/box)

Product ID : f10658


Qty in Stock : 122

Wolfe Face Paint Crayons - Neon/Blacklight (6/box)

Product ID : f10659


Qty in Stock : 31

Wolfe Lion Face Painting Kits (4 Colors)

Product ID : F10503


Qty in Stock : 42

Wolfe Jumbo Face Paint Crayons - Bright (6/box)

Product ID : F106590


Qty in Stock : 47

Snazaroo Brushes - Medium Round (3/16")

Product ID : K1134


Qty in Stock : 9

Snazaroo Face Paint - Light Grey 122 (0.6 oz/18 ml)

Product ID : F1733


Qty in Stock : 23

Paradise Basic Face Paint Palettes (8 Colors)

Product ID : F12700


Qty in Stock : 12

Graftobian Brushes - Round #4 (1/8")

Product ID : K11301


Qty in Stock : 21

Snazaroo Face Paint - Black 111 (0.6 oz/18 ml)

Product ID : F1703


Qty in Stock : 10

Types of Snazaroo Face Paint

  • Snazaroo Classic Face Paints: Snazaroo's traditional face paint colors.
  • Snazaroo Pastel Face Paints: Snazaroo softer face paint colors.
  • Snazaroo Sparkle Face Paints: Snazaroo face paint with pearlized pigments that give a lovely metallic finish when applied.
  • Snazaroo Electric Face Paints: Snazaroo face paint with metallic pigments that give a bold metallic finish when applied.
  • Snazaroo UV Face Paints: Snazaroo uv face paint that is translucent under normal light but really glow under black light. Snazaroo UV paints are the only black light reactive face paints that are compliant with FDA cosmetic laws.

How Do I Apply & Remove Snazaroo Face Paint?
Snazaroo Face Paints are water activated, they are meant to be mixed with water. When using a sponge or brush, add a small amount of water to the sponge or brush and mix it onto the Snazaroo face paint cake. Practice to learn how much water Snazaroo Paints need - too little and you'll see skin through the paint, too much and it may look streaky or bubbly. When using a sponge, apply Snazaroo like shoe polish until you have color coverage and then pat the sponge on the face for a nice even coat.

You will find variations in consistency between Snazaroo colors due to the different pigments used, so some colors (like green and orange) will need more water than white or black. That is normal.

For sensitive skin, Snazaroo suggests a twenty minute patch test before painting on the full face or body. For a patch test, properly apply Snazaroo paints to a one by two inch patch on the inside of the elbow. After twenty minutes, remove the paint with water only and wipe dry. Look for anything that might be of concern. Snazaroo is hypoallergenic and when used properly it is highly unlikely there will be any concern.

Snazaroo products wash off with mild soap and water. For best results, remove with a high quality baby wipe or baby shampoo, water and a wash cloth. Avoid using low cost baby wipes as these can be irritating to young children's skin.

To remove Snazaroo makeup from clothing, wash by hand in cold water using soap or pre-washing agent. Do not try to remove the makeup from clothing in a washing machine. Avoid warm or hot water when trying to remove the paint from clothing. Avoid using near sensitive fabrics like silk that absorb pigments.

Snazaroo Product Safety Information

Safety InfoCompany Info

About the Types of Snazaroo Face Paint Company

Snazaroo was established in 1989 in England and slowly built up to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of water-based face paints. The Snazaroo factory in England now supplies products to over 20 countries around the world.

Snazaroo wants you to have fun with face paint. Their colors and their many fun products will inspire the novice and the pro. Snazaroo has everything you need to create fantastic characters and even simple designs. The company's emphasis has always been on quality and safety. All face paints comply to the strictest toy and cosmetic regulations, are water-based and are easy to apply and remove.