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Customer Questions about Face Paint Safety and Ingredients

Q: I need to purchase the Cinema Secrets Blue Man Group Makeup Kit - is the cap one size? Does one size fit all?
A: Yes, the cap is one size fits all. Item M3050 Cinema Secrets Blue Man Kit includes the glue to hold the cap in place, so you can adjust it to fit your head and scalp.
Posted on 1/30/13

Q: Does the Tag 32g Pro size kit include the black case and foam insert as shown in the picture?
A: Yes, item F21412, the 12-color TAG 32 gram Pro Size Face Paint Palette is shipped as shown.
Posted on 1/28/13

Q: How long can I keep face paint on my face? Are there any harmful effects?
A: Face paint manufacturers don't recommend keepinging face paint on fo rmore than a few hours - half a day or so at most. Face paint is water based, so it will come off with sweat and time, although using Barrier Spray before application and Final Seal on top of it will help it last longer.
Posted on 6/16/12

Q: Some of my face paints stain the skin for up to 3 days and I wounder if there's a primer or something that can be put on the skin first to prevent this. Parents sometimes have family pictures or events planned later in the week and are unhappy if they can't wash the paint off.
A: Face Paints are water based and should come off easily with soap and water so there is not a primer that is made for face paints.  However, if you use a cleansing cream like Noxema or Ponds for the darker, stubborn colors that will help completely clean the face.
Posted on 11/16/11

Q: Which of your products are aloe and coconut base? I heard that Wolfe has them in their paints.
A: The Wolfe FX face paint does not have aloe or coconut oil in it; none of the products we carry are Aloe or coconut based.  Mehron Paradise has Avocado oil and cocoa butter, but no aloe or coconut.
Posted on 8/22/11

Q: Is Face Paint safe on the body removed?
A: Yes, face paints are water based.  All of the face paints that we carry use FDA approved ingredients and are of cosmetic grade.  They come off easily with soap and water and some people like to use a little Ponds cream or Ponds to wipe off the colors.
Posted on 7/21/11

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