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General Customer Questions about Face Paints

Q: I had a watercolor face paint crayons that I bought ten years ago. You added water on a brush and then face painted. Do you have something like this?
A: We have several brands of Face Paint Crayons. The ones that you dip in water to activate are the Johnny Brown and Snazaroo Crayons.
Posted on 10/21/12

Q: Whats a good way to start out face painting for a beginner?
A: At our face painters beginner's guide ( and our video tutorials are very helpful as well.  And, in the Kits and Palettes category, you'll find kits like Snazaroo's 8 color face paint kit which comes with sponges and a brush.
Posted on 10/18/11

Q: Is cheek art and face painting the same or different?
A: They are both face painting, but a cheek design will just be on the cheek and full face will cover the whole face.

We have a wide range of face painting kits that come with video tutorials that might be helpful to you.

Posted on 12/21/11

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