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Stamptoo Face Painting Painting Stamps

Sports & Characters

Graftobian Stamptoo face paint stamps are specially designed for face painting and helping the beginning face painter create excellent cheek art designs quickly. Graftobian Stamptoo face painting stampers are made of rubber with a wood handle with deeply cut designs and not too much detail so as not to allow much if any imprinting on the skin of the interior of the design. Graftobian Stamptoo face painting stamps are perfect for face painting very young children who may not sit still for more than a minute or two.

How Do I Clean the Face Paint Stamp?
Clean the Graftobian Stamptoo face paint stamps with mildly soapy water before storing.

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How Do I Use Face Paint Stamps?

Step 1: Mist the surface of your face paint with water or wet with sponge.
Step 2: Apply the paint to the face paint stamp by rubbing the stamp on the makeup or with a brush.
Step 3: Lightly touch the child's skin with the face paint stamp (do not press too hard). If you have too much face paint on the face paint stamp, touch the face paint stamp to a paper towel to reduce the amount of face paint.
Step 4: Paint details onto and around the design with a face paint brush, if desired.

Cleaning: Rinse the face paint stamp with water or clean the surface with a baby wipe.

Face Paint Removal: Most water-based face paints can be washed off with soap and water.